Monday, April 8, 2013

Signature book

I wanted to have a signature book for Thirdy's party. It would be nice to have a coffee book filled with Thirdy's pictures lying around the house with messages from well wishers.

Chea agreed to the idea. I initially wanted to go with Storybook Philippines. There were discounted vouchers all over the net. Unfortunately, they needed a long lead time (7-11 days) which is too long since Thirdy's party is just around the corner.

So we just asked our photography supplier if they offer photobook magazines. They offered the small ones for 500 pesos. Unfortunately, these were the 6" x 6" ones, which is too small to write anything meaningful. So Chea opted to get the 8" x 11" variant with 20 pages, for 1,600 pesos.

Chea went to their place in Marikina and gave the pictures and they emailed us the layouts. Unfortunately, I didn't like the original one, as it was too baby-ish. We wanted something a bit more modern. They sent us a second layout, which we still didn't like.

So left with no choice, I did the layout myself, spending an entire Sunday indoors. I think I spent 12 hours on these layouts. Chea wanted a lot of pictures included, but mostly head shots of Thirdy. She wanted it to show all of Thirdy's expressions.

Simple and clean for the main cover.
Again, I had to use Adobe Illustrator (for the layouts) and Adobe Photoshop (for the image editing). I have to say that I'm not particularly good, but I think they came out a little bit better than the ones we were originally sent.

That is a poem we made for our son's first birthday

Thirdy on his 1st month

Thirdy at 2 months

Here's thirdy at 4 months

4 months

At 5 months

Chea took this with her Iphone and used instagram. He started sticking his tongue out and kept at it for days

Thirdy at 6 months

Still at 6 months

Thirdy at 7 months

Thirdy on his first halloween

Already at 8 months

Thirdy at 9 months. First time in a pool at Acuatico Resort during  our  8th wedding anniversary

Lounging at a chair at Acuatico Resort

Thirdy at 11 months

11 months,  Kiddie studio shoot

First studio shoot

Studio shoot at Starbox studio

With nanay Chea

Last page for the photobook

Those are a lot of images. I think I've had enough of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for the rest of the year.


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