Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ay Divisoria

Last Saturday, Mar 16, 2013, +maria cessna galecio and I decided to go to Divisoria so we can check out linens that we will be using for Thirdy's party.

One Cafe already has table cloths and overlays, but we didn't like the available colors. We felt that the colors were too strong and wouldn't match our idea for the table centerpiece. And some of them were satin so they tend to reflect camera flashes.

So we though we'll get our own linens and use table runners for the 12 guest tables. We also needed overlays for the dessert buffet station and the cookie buffet station. Not to mention, another overlay for the memorabilia section, where we will be placing Thirdy's time capsule. And the stage backdrop was too plain so we thought of covering it with linen with striped patterns as well.

We planned to head out early, but we somehow ended up leaving before 11am. We drove straight to 999 mall where we knew we can get easy parking (It was expensive though. We paid 95 pesos by the time we left by 4pm).

I forgot the street name that was lined up with stores selling linen. I somewhat remembered how to get there during the last time I went there with my mother just a couple of months back.

But I'm so bad with directions, that we first ended up at Juan Luna, where stores sold upholstery materials. We walked from Soler Street and traversed the entire length of Juan Luna where we almost ended up at Sta Elena. However, we turned into a side street and found ourselves Ylaya, where thankfully was where all the linens were being sold.

I was hungry already as I didn't take breakfast so Chea and I had brunch consisting of pansit bihon at a small corner chinese resto. Before leaving, I asked where Tabora was as I had read that this was the area where crafts were sold. We were keeping an eye out for centerpieces we will be using for the guest tables. We had a general idea of what we want, but we needed to add more as some of the ones we had in mind for the tables were small.

The cashier told us it was just the next street over. So we started walking the entire length of Ylaya St all the way back to Soler Street. The entire width of Ylaya was peppered on both sides by vendors, leaving just about a meter and a half for people to walk by. We stopped at vendors whenever we saw some linen we thought might be good table runners, but we never found the striped pattern that we wanted.

We entered the Divine Mart as well, which is basically a building with stalls on the ground floor which can get confusing. In it, there were all sorts of linen as well as stores selling barongs, wedding gowns, evening gowns and other dresses. We stopped by a few asking for clothes that Thirdy will be using for his baptism. We wanted the traditional dress. We found one that was plain enough but costs around 300pesos. We decided to go back some other time if we couldn't find any that we'd like.

It was good that the weather was a bit gloomy so there were a few short and light rain showers which saved us from the scorching summer sun.

We ended back in Soler, so we now turned the corner to Tabora Street.

Tabora Street is very much like Ylaya (or any other street in Divisoria for that matter), that vendors lined up both sides of the street, from the sidewalk, spilling into the street itself. They were basically selling all sorts of craft materials, although most of them were already finished items. There were small decors, invitations, giveaways, masks, boxes, and all sorts of stuff you can use in a party or an event.

At a stall where a family was working on big paper face masks, we asked if they could make big 3d letters to put on a stage. He said he hasn't tried it yet, but told us to just use styrofoam boards sandwiched between illustration boards. There was a shop named George Trading at the end of the street selling them, he said.

We found a branch of Anding's midway Tabora Street which sold children's toys , plastic flowers and party materials. We found some chinese lanterns which Chea plan to use for stage decorations. We left without a purchase and continued traversing Tabora.

Before reaching the end of the street, we saw a vendor selling some mini pales/buckets which we imagined we could use as table centerpieces. The lady who owns the stall, were willing to give us the buckets for 12 pesos each. I then discussed with Chea what she thinks she could put into the bucket. There were small bears that fits the bucket but they cost 15-20 pesos each. It's either that or we find plastic/paper flowers to put into them. They were also selling these small clear glass bottles that would look adorable if you put the correct flower arrangement in them. The two designs that I was looking at was being sold for 6 and 7 pesos each.

I told Chea that we should check out sample flower arrangements in the internet that would match the bottles and just come back to buy them when we have a definite idea on what to put in there.

So again, we left without having bought anything yet.

We then continued towards the corner of Sta Elena Street. We found George Trading but they were only selling 2 inch thick styrofoam boards, whereas we need at least 6 inches. Gluing three of them together would be good, but would be expensive as each board (2ft x 4ft') costs almost 200 pesos).

We then found the other Anding's store at the corner of Sta Elena and Tabora. It was tucked inside the corner building. We found a small easel there. Unfortunately, it was the only one left. We decided to just get it so we can try to have someone copy it for us. We also ended up buying Chinese lanterns there as we didn't want to come up empty handed on our trip to Divisoria.

After that, we went into New Divisoria mall, but we couldn't find anything that we want. It was already around 4pm so we were definitely hungry, so we ate at the food court. After that, we headed back to 999 mall, and dropped by the Columbia Wax Trading to buy candles.

We did a quick look around 999 mall before heading out to buy Thirdy a pair of sandals. After that, we got into the car and headed out.

We detoured to Quiapo first as Chea wanted to go to Hidalgo and see if there were any photo video services there we could use for the party. We've been looking around in the forums and we couldn't find an inexpensive photographer that provided video services as well. Not to mention, I was hell bent on finding someone who would give us all the raw photographs as well as the raw video footage. I will rant about that on another blog entry.

So we parked at the side of Quiapo church and headed off to Hidalgo. We entered every single store but didn't find a service that we liked. One offered us their services, along with all the footage and photos, unfortunately, his prices was the same for weddings and simple parties.

We also asked around for light stands. We planned on using light stands to hoist up the stage background. They were collapsible, so it would be easy to stash them in our car. Also, since I'm also into photography, I was planning on using the light stands later.

After a quick walk through Hidalgo, we also strolled along Evangelista all the way to Raon, hoping for anything to inspire us. Nothing did, so we walked along Quezon boulevard back to our car. It was already past 5pm so we decided to call it a day and continue planning at home.

At home, we got some emails regarding some cake suppliers. We were eyeing three cake makers, as they were the ones who were inexpensive and looked like they could execute the cake that we wanted, with the quality that we wanted as well.

I spent the night doodling on my wife's ipad with Adoble Express. That's the app that I use along with a capacitive stylus whenever I want to get that drawing itch out of my system. It's not as good as drawing on paper with a pencil, but it does allow you to easily edit drawings.

I had to revise the cake doodle about 4 times with inputs from my wife.

Hopefully, the actual cake looks better than this.

We need to select a cake supplier soon as most of them require around a 2 week lead time.


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